Win More Listings: the Advanced System to Winning More Listings

Advanced System to Winning More Listings
Katie Day and her team utilize Highnote to win listings consistently.
"The tips I have learned from this system have leveled up our listing presentations big time. In fact, I once won a listing for a 58-unit community of single-family homes and duplexes with Highnote’s great listing presentation tips and system."
- Katie Day - Team Leader, MOVEMETOTX Team
Kyle Whissel's team loves Highnote!
"These game-changing tips and systems helped me win a $3.5 million listing and I was going against the #1 luxury agent in all of San Diego."
- Kyle Whissel - Team Leader, Whissel Realty Group

The Exact Method that Guided Me to Become the #2 Condo Agent in San Francisco, drive my brokerage to #1 in the area and one of the best in the country.

Over 30 Tips on how to build winning listing presentations.
30+ Proven Tips guaranteed to win more listings.
The Pre and Post listing presentations are the most powerful tool to win listings.
Learn why you should send a  professional Pre-Listing and Follow Up Listing Presentation and win!
Highnote is the best way to win listings.
How to use the latest technology to track your digital listing presentations:  follow-up and win!

Everything You Will Be Getting...

Advanced Tips to Win More Listings (30+ tips)

This guide will step you through how to take your standard listing presentation and take it to the next level. These tips have won hundreds of millions of dollars of listings in the most competitive real estate markets.
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Wow Sellers Before Your Listing Appointment

If you are not already, you need to send a great digital pre-listing presentation. And here's how to do it. "The Perfect Pre-Listing Presentation" is a comprehensive guide designed to equip real estate professionals with the very best pre-listing presentation designed to win listings even before meeting!

If you don't have a pre-listing presentation, you absolutely MUST use this!

Learn How to Close Sellers on the Fence with a STUNNING Follow-up Listing Presentation

To make sure you close the seller lead, you need to send a digital "follow-up" listing presentation. Introducing "The Perfect Follow-Up Listing Presentation": based on years of experience of what works to follow-up and close each time perfectly!

It is a tried-and-true and battle-tested "closing" presentation - effective in getting sellers to choose you as the listing agent.


This guide is provided to you free courtesy Highnote. Download it for free and starting winning more listings today.  

 Mark Choey, Founder + CEO, Highnote

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